Group 31 Compact Rotary Actuators

The compact, in-line design of the Group 31 compact rotary actuator consists of an output section containing the drive train and motor, and a control module section housing the electronics. Together, these two sections provide an enclosure designed to meet NEMA 4 specifications for protection against corrosion, dust, and moisture.

The Group 31 incorporates the same type of motor used in Beck’s Group 11 and Group 14 drives. It provides millisecond response to signal commands in a modulating control loop. This no-burnout, non-coasting motor is capable of more than 60 starts per minute during process upsets and will remain cool and stable during operation for unparalleled on-line performance.

Available Torque and Timing combinations for the Group 31 products:

Model Number Application Type Application Type
31-M50 41 (30) 29
31-350 41 (30) 29
31-250 41 (30) 29
31-M30 20 (15) 22
31-330 20 (15) 22
31-230 20 (15) 22

*Stroke times listed are for 50 Hz operation.

G31 Rotary Drive Dimension Sheet

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