Engineering Consultancy Services

Process Design, Enhancement & Operations

Our team of experienced engineers are available to assist clients with a full range of services designed to aid process design, enhancement and operations.

From initial assessment through to the design stage and commissioning we can provide the expertise to increase your process efficiency, reliability and productivity.

Our engineers are ideally suited to provide support on projects that do not require full time engagement of staff, and provide a cost-effective solution to help our clients get the job done.

Helping our customers optimise the quality of designs, reduce delivery times and identify root causes of machine failures. Our engineering consultancy services provide a cost effective solution that improves processes and operations for the lifecycle of the system.

Specialist Services

Whilst we offer a broad range of options in many industries, we also offer specialist services in the following areas.

For conveyor systems we provide re-engineering solutions for existing installations to facilitate changing requirements.

Root Cause Analysis

With many years of experience in conjunction with the latest state of the art technology we are able to provide root cause analysis to assist with failed systems.

Using the information available our engineers will identify the cause of the failure, determine the sequence of events leading to the failure and provide a solution to the immediate problem and advise what is required to ensure the failure does not reoccur.

For more information on our Engineering Consultancy Services please Contact Us or call us on 01623 862 990.

Electric Actuators


Beck drives are particularly suited for use with valve, damper and fluid coupling control systems or any process that requires precise control with 100% reliability in service.

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Fluid Couplings

Fluid Couplings

With over 30 years of providing and supporting fluid couplings around the world, we are well able to assist our clients in providing replacement couplings, spare parts and repairs.

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Airsweep Flow Systems

Airsweep Flow Systems

We are able to support Airsweep material flow system, providing on-demand flow of even the toughest materials by eliminating bridging, ratholes and build-up.

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Harmonic Drive Gearbox

Harmonic Reducers

Meeting the demands of accelerated technical innovation of high performance, high speed, high capacity, high density and micronization.

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Butterfly Valves

Butterfly Valves

Compact quarter turn valves providing a resilient bubble tight shut off.

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Partner Services

Full support from specialists

In addition our partner companies are specialists in a number of fields and are able to supply the following:

  • Routine Condition Monitoring services designed to reduce maintenance costs and increase reliability
  • Filtration Solutions, providing world class filtration and separation solutions to all industries.
  • Industrial gearbox supply and repair solutions, including rapid turnaround repairs and off the shelf upgrades for most gearbox manufacturers.
  • Specialist fabrication services.
Actuator Installation