Beck Actuator Installations

Actuator Installs Since 1956

Since 2007, over 300 installations of Beck Actuators have taken place in Europe. This is in addition to the existing installed base that dates back to 1956.

Clients installing Beck products include the following;

UK Power Station ID Fan Damper Upgrade

This major UK Power Station was looking for an alternative to the obsolete ID Fan Damper Actuator system, originally installed when the station was commissioned.

The system consisted of a hydraulic cylinder which was driven by an electric motor driven hydraulic power pack.

As well as being obsolete equipment, the system suffered from a number of other issues, including;

  • The operation of the ID fans had caused concern for a while as the performance, precision and repeatability required by the system was not being met. This had a potential to affect the efficiency of the whole unit.
  • The power pack needed to be constantly energised to maintain a head of pressure for the cylinder operation. This meant that once the required pressure was met, the remaining oil was crashed over the relief valve. As well as being a waste of energy, having the oil constantly going over a relief valve can be considered a maintenance issue.
  • The system required regular oil filter changes to maintain the oil at a suitable oil cleanliness level. As well as being an expensive consumable, having to change oil filters regularly is an additional maintenance cost, and the disposal of the used filters is an environmental issue and cost.
  • The oil cylinder seals were susceptible to leaks, which as well as affecting the operation of the system, created a potential environmental hazard.
Beck Actuator Installation

The station gave a list of criteria that they required as part of the upgrade project. These included being able to meet, or better the current hydraulic system stoke timing, have the best possible operating resolution and repeatability, and be as maintenance free as possible. Being on such important installation reliability was also a key issue for the station.

A number of actuator suppliers, including the site actuator/valve maintenance company where invited to supply proposals for the upgrade.

After much research and consideration, Beck drives were chosen to be the supplier of the upgrade package, despite the site never having fitted Beck drives before, and despite this being one of the most expensive options. Beck were however able to meet the very strict technical requirements demanded by the application.

In addition to supplying the drives, Beck also undertook to provide the necessary assistance to install and commission the drives. The whole installation of the 2 units was completed in approximately 5 hours.

The new Beck installation will remove many of the issues that affected this ID Fan system, providing a much better level of damper control, and repeatability, which in turn should contribute to improving the installation efficiency. The power requirement for the system will also be significantly reduced, as the Beck drive only energises in response to a system demand.

The General specification of the drives as installed are;

  • Output Torque 10846nm
  • Timing for the full 100° actuator crank arm 20 seconds (configurable from 15 to 300 seconds).
  • Minimum Step size 0.1°
  • Hysteresis 0.25% of span at any point
  • Current Demand for Drive motor 3.5 amps approx.

In addition the maintenance requirements of the ID Fan Damper actuation system will be significantly reduced, the drives being able to run between outages without maintenance.

Finally a large environmental hazard, with all its associated costs and risks has been removed from site.

About Beck

Beck actuators are designed and manufactured in a purpose built facility in Pennsylvania USA.

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The Beck Motor

Becks durable all spur gear construction maintains accurate positions even under demanding conditions.

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Beck Link Assist

A complementary service to support the setup and installation of our linkage connected actuator products.

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Digital Control

The digital control module uses an on board modular design with push button configuration.

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Biomass Plant

Recently completed the installation of actuators on Europe's largest coal to biomass power station conversion.

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UK Container Glassworks

Two complete glass furnace, forehearth and line rebuilds. Each rebuild using 40 actuators in various critical performance applications.

The client chose Beck 11-159 actuators as his preferred option due to experience of using the actuators in high temperature, arduous conditions where precise control is required. Despite being the most expensive option, Beck has repaid the clients faith in so far providing 7 years of maintenance free operation.

The performance has been impressive enough for the client to start a change over programme to Beck on his other lines, as actuators provided by other manufacturers fail.

The simple drop in installation of Beck, makes this a simple procedure, more cost effective than maintaining his failing actuators, and ultimately gives the client a more efficient operating system.

Beck Electrical Actuators

UK Coal Fired Power Stations

Upgrade of primary air damper system control on a major UK Power Station requiring 24 actuators in total.

Despite having no installed actuators on site, the client chose Beck G31 as reliability and performance were equally important.

The position of the installation is such that non routine maintenance is virtually impossible to achieve with the unit generating.

Beck provided the actuator and valve assemblies, factory calibrated for a drop in installation, to ensure that the client had minimal work to do on site.

Beck Electrical Actuators

UK Plasterboard Plant

Installation of fluid coupling scoop control actuator on a building material producer’s mill application.

The original actuator supplied by the fluid coupling OEM was unable to cope with the heavy vibration associated with this application, leading to multiple failures.

Beck not only supplied a suitable 11-159 actuator for the application, but also provided designs for the actuator mounting plinth. Installation and commissioning was completed in one morning, and the system has run since then with no problems.

Beck Electrical Actuators

UK Oil Refinery

Upgrade of ID and FD fan damper installation on Industrial Boiler plant.

The customer was required to update his boiler system damper controls, as the current installation did not meet current regulations.

The Beck 11-209 drive was chosen as it was able to meet these regulations, was easy to install, and due to the low current drawn by the motor, did not need the cables to be housed in shielded underground cable troughs, but could be located in normal surface cable troughs, saving significantly on the installation cost normally associated with electric actuators.

In addition to supplying the drives and mounting plinth, Beck also carried out the final commissioning of the drives, including setting the linkages and crank arms using the Beck Link-Assist™ program.

Installation of the two drives was completed in 4 hours.

Beck Electrical Actuators

UK Container Glassworks

Replacement of Unreliable, Poorly operating Electric Actuators on gas control valves.

The client was using an electric linear actuator to control a globe valve on furnace gas skid.

The actuator employed a typical synchronous electric motor, which was unable to need the modulating requirements of the application. Additionally the actuators proved to be very unreliable.

Beck were asked to provide a solution to the problem and came up with a package of Beck G31 actuator combined with an adjustable port valve.

The actuator/valve assembly was designed to fit into the existing pipework footprint, and as such became a quick drop in installation for the client.

Once commissioned the new assembly immediately provided much improved control over the gas flow, whilst removing the reliability problems entirely.

Beck Electrical Actuators